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My aim with reviews is to do one a week but interviewing the author adds complexity because in all fairness they need a bit of time to respond to questions.

Depending on the amount of time I give them to respond this may mean sometimes carrying over to the next Sunday.

Seumas Gallacher, long-term expat, self-published author and rising social media star, pauses for a moment over his fish supper and a question I’ve posed to him about why he thinks his books and his blog are faring so well.

“I’m told my name lends itself to authorship because it’s a little different,” he answers.

The twin spiders at the centre of this web are the Chan brothers, leaders of one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless and powerful triads.

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Pull up a chair and tell us something about yourself, Seumas. I came kicking and screaming into this world a pension’s years ago in Scotland in a little fishing village on the River Clyde, called Glasgow. I remember a story long ago someone told me about a carpenter who lived alone in a cottage in a village in the countryside.

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He is sent to investigate a diamond heist in Utrecht, but swiftly learns that there is a very strong Far East connection.My brother worked in Bermuda teaching sailing for a few summers and we used to go visit him.Ever since then, we have made it an annual trip and Bermuda has become one of my favourite places in the world to visit.We have all had to come to a cross-roads in our publishing career.Whether it’s starting out as a traditional author and deciding to self-publish novels you have your rights back to, completely self-publish, self-publish along with traditional publish, or even traditional publish while letting your agent’s self-publishing model publish your shorts (we will talk about this on Monday), everyone’s experience is different.He then travels to Hong Kong where he meets the glamorous chief of ISP’s local bureau, May-Ling.


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