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Aim is for 2010 riders to ride, at the trot, on a 5 mile route around Windsor Great Park, starting and finishing at Ascot race course.each rider will pledge to raise £500 each, hopefully the total will exceed £1million.Mr Justice Michael Tugendhat, who heard the case in private at the High Court, said that he thought the "nub" of the footballer's legal complaint was more likely to be the protection of his lucrative financial arrangements.In a judgment warmly welcomed by the media and free speech campaigners, he criticised "routine" requests for so-called super injunctions – which prevent newspapers from even reporting that a secrecy order has been made, let alone what it covers – which Terry's lawyers had requested in this case.But Mr Tugendhat rejected the footballer's contention that this meant she did not know about the affair."I do not find it credible that rumours that have circulated as widely as the rumours in this case are said to have circulated have not yet reached the ears of at least the first interested person.“Despite everything, they love each other and they love their kids.In her heart, she has always wanted to forgive him and when the crunch came, that is what she decided to do.” Terry, 29, is expected to fly out to Dubai for a reunion with his family after Chelsea’s away game against Everton on Wednesday.

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The judge's comments will have also added to his woes.As well as a five-month affair with Miss Perroncel, 33, Terry was reported to have arranged for her to have an abortion.Miss Perroncel is the former partner of Terry’s England teammate Wayne Bridge, 30, and mother of their son, aged three.He was told that a journalist had heard rumours of the affair with Ms Perroncel.By Thursday Terry was informed that the News of the World "were all over" the story and intended to publish it on Sunday.John Terry, 29, married childhood sweetheart Toni Poole in 2007 and is the father of twins.


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