Twin dating scan

At 6 weeks 3 days I bled, had a scan and they confirmed I had miscarried.Two weeks later I went back to gp as she had asked to see me to check I was doing ok (history of severe pnd so with the miscarriage was concerned) I explained I didn't feel right.I'm 11 weeks now and having another scan tomorrow but I'm just convinced there's 2 in there I know that sounds crazy! I know I'm prob wrong but just thought would be interesting to find out if it happened to any of you? I had a scan Thursday and sure enough they found a sac and yolk putting me at 4 weeks. I'm not hopeful, it would mean by the dates that I got pregnant whilst pregnant.Thanks for reading xxx I think it's normal to carry theses fears, I had a scan a few days ago & he only saw 1 baby but kept going on about shadows! x Lol I have to say I've been the same more sick & tired but I think it's my age to lol it's been 7 years since I carried to full term I'm 29 I'm not in the best of fitness! The doc was baffled/excited and said she was going to make a point of checking my notes. There must be somewhere as both my brother and sister have also lost twin pregnancies.I would have 6 kids and I one would 2.5 an other 3.5 and the others 6 and 11 and newborn twins!! My twins came at 31 weeks and my son was delivered at 35 weeks plus due to pre eclampsia.It can be worrying time, wish you all the best x I don't want to raise your hopes but... They saw one sac with heartbeat and put me at 5wks. They had to get 2 people to come and check first to make sure x I had an early scan on 17th dec due to bleeding.

I accepted the loss but after over 2wks from the start of bleeding I have tested positive again.

She left my original dates at my insistence, because I'd not managed to keep enough fluid down for a full bladder and therefore scan could be inaccurate. The only thing is that I don't have many symptoms, I do keep getting cramps and I have itchy skin on my tummy, jaw and neck. My breasts are normal tho, and usually my first sign.

They re did scan at 15 weeks and concluded I must have been carrying twins. I've read that vanishing twin can suppress the hormones but I don't know for how long. I'm not expecting this embryo to develop, but u never know. Thanks for this, I couldn't find any other examples where there has been a big discrepancy between the dates of each sac.

Will follow this post too to see if you are carrying twins x I'm pregnant with my 4th. Hi I'm just wondering if any ladies have had early scans to see just one baby but later on found out there were in fact two babies? He was shocked enough when we found I was pregnant in the first place cause he was told he was infertile when he was 15yr.

I had an early scan at 7 weeks and baby was so small was hard to really see anything apart from a heartbeat. Some of my friends think I'm carrying twins or more cause of my size already. He was a twin himself but she didn't make it, plus twins run on my side of the family. Make things even more crazy though lol I had an early scan on 17th dec due to bleeding.


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