Updating brass fixtures

This is the basic bathroom sink: the most widely available type of sink, the easiest sink to install and the least expensive to buy.

The undermount variety is attached under the countertop.

These are preferred by many homeowners over the drop-in style because it is easy to sweep countertop debris into the sink without negotiating the lip of the sink.

The limitation of these sinks is that the countertop must be a premium material like stone or composite.

Here are some of the common and uncommon bath sink materials: Vitreous china, also called enamelware, porcelain and chinaware, is made out of ceramic clay fired at a very high temperature to form a non-porous body then coated with a glaze which is fused to the body.

This glaze is actually glass and is impervious to water.

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Designed to look like a bowl sitting on a table top, it emulates the pitcher and dry-sink combination from pre-running-water days, but is a fully functioning sink.

Some materials are definitely upscale, and sinks made from them are very pricey.

But most materials are intended to compete with the standard vitreous china sink in price, so most are well within reach, even if the reach is a little bit of a stretch.

Obviously, no sink is ever going to need such incredible resistance to heat.

In reality the term "fireclay" is just a marketing term, adopted from England where vitreous china is commonly called fireclay when used to make kitchen sinks.


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