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Did you hear the count-the-days clamour for a third movie in the meantime? Word is the cast were told to keep this May free for a follow-up.They can fire ahead and book the bungalow in Brittas.And so to the plot, which makes any Furious instalment look like The Night Manager in comparison.The I-thought-you-were dead Xander Cage (Diesel) gets back in the game when a box (called Pandora's Box, mind), which can control satellites is stolen.Besides the fact that all of the videos are in high definition, all of them load at an unsurpassable speed!

The only reason he's on screen is some supremely cynical box ticking for the Brazilian market - Donnie Yen is there for the Chinese punters and Deepika Padukone has been signed up for the Bollywood faithful.

"It would be a wonderful world," laments Diesel, "if we just stopped doing bad s*** to it." Forty-two crew members collapsed after the director yelled 'cut', suffering from the effects of irony inhalation.

This smutty page is filled with a massive amount of porno movies showing kinky handjob scenes.

She said it was done one weekend by my aunties at my nans house.

Last Friday mum took her to our GP to have her checked and the doctor said it was done to her.


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