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Outside of the Famitsu exclusive, Kitase has announced another big piece of news: Final Fantasy 7 Remake is being developed in Unreal Engine 4.Epic Games confirmed the collaboration with Square Enix in a press release today.

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This means that unless Bethesda has quietly been doubling (or more) its development team over the last year or two, the 'next series games are set in different areas in the world of Tamriel, the series's 'universe'.The publication spoke with series producer Yoshinori Kitase and director Tetsuya Nomura in an interview featured in its latest issue, in which the pair discussed the choice to release the game in multiple parts.Square Enix first revealed the news in a press release yesterday.When you think about what is the future of that kind of game, we have a pretty good idea of what that's going to be, and it's just going to take technology and time we don't necessarily have right now."...They're an incredibly talented studio of creative people.The game takes a page from Nomura's Kingdom Hearts series, as well as the Dissidia Final Fantasy fighting game franchise, to crafting a more action-oriented battle system than before.


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