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He and the band were supposed to go from their September 10th, 2001 gig in Pennsylvania by bus to New York City to a music video shoot by the World Trade Center, but luckily canceled the shoot.

When he realized he’d been spared from the terror attack, he said it, “really makes you believe that there’s something up there.” Kenny’s concerts always draw huge crowds, so he is able to regularly sell out big stadiums.

Chesney apologized later and even called Dorman, and made plans with him to grab a beer.

Many people dream of being a rock star, but few achieve the fame and riches that come along with it.

Bush was scheduled to have a state dinner with Australian Prime Minister John Howard.

For entertainment, Bush invited Kenny Chesney to serenade them.

However, he had a beautiful brunette date at the American Country Countdown Awards, making people ask, who’s that girl?A bigger sign of trust, perhaps, was that Kenny gave her permission to drive his beloved truck.Kenny’s relationship with Amy Colley was falling apart, and one of the final straws was when Kenny was spotted in Cancun with another woman, Jenn Brown.History was made when she got the job as the first female correspondent of There has not been much publicity surrounding Kenny’s dating life.This might be because of how his short marriage was ridiculed in the media, so he perhaps avoids talking about it.Jenn is a Division I college athlete turned ESPN broadcaster.


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