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And that’s different for you because when you’re on stage with other people they have to know what’s coming up next. That means doing what I do when I usually play is pretty much writing on stage and the way the songs are played change over time.That’s my way of making things a little bit tense myself.“I’ve always felt most comfortable at the piano,” he told me.

And now, on a breezy night in the Arizona desert, Blake has prepared himself to peel off the final layer of his vulnerability and genius.Before Blake’s debut, the singer-songwriter’s absorbing vocals and electronic keyboard along with his band members, guitarist Rob Mc Andrews and drummer Ben Assiter, worked as a unit to transfix audiences with sublime offerings, in cities like London and Los Angeles.Blake maintains that those collaborations won’t end, but now is the time to finally take the risk of unveiling himself in the place where he feels the safest.How are you feeling about performing your first show without your band and only a piano?It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, literally for years.What finally led you to the decision to scale down and perform with just the piano?


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