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That show was recorded, and as sometimes happens when you have no idea you're on tape, the performance was loose, candid, mildly drunk, and joyful, a snapshot of where we were in the songs just then.It sounded so good I decided to print it up and sell it for money.

There's a spiritual hunger in rock 'n' roll that comes from blues and gospel, and Petty cut the template for late rock 'n' roll while fashion bloomed and subsided around him.

Likewise, stomping down on the brakes of a truck built to carry a payload - when trucks were inexpensive farm vehicles rather than high dollar nostalgia therapy for first generation middle management - will lock up the rear tires as the truck carries happily on, and this makes tailgating unwise.

The tape player in my Dodge ate a brand new cassette of Biograph before I realized that the after-market sound system behind the bench seat was a Mouse Motel furnished with pine needles, and all the wires were chewed through.

We'll travel full band and split sets every night, playing songs from THE WILD and previewing my forthcoming record BLOOD BROTHERS, with Kris joining the band on my set, and vice versa.

We'll start in Maine at the Stone Mountain Arts Center (10/20), playing the Once Ballroom in Somerville, MA (10/21); Higher Ground in Burlington, VT (10/22); Gypsy Sally's in DC (10/25); Rockwood 2 in NYC (10/26); The Word Barn in Exeter, NH (10/27); and bringing it all back home to finish up at the Shea Theater in Turner's Falls, MA (10/28).


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