Who is shirley maclaine dating

(Not that the film was too edgy for Mirren—in 1979, she co-starred in "Caligula," which she called "an irresistible mix of art and genitals.")Also rejected: The Mariah Carey role in "Precious."Turned down: "The Lost Weekend" (1945)What happened: Although it was a small part—Ray Milland's girlfriend—Hepburn was interested.

But then came the chance to co-star with Spencer Tracy in "Without Love."Also rejected: The role of a school teacher accused of being a lesbian in "The Children's Hour."Turned down: "The Man With the Golden Arm" (1955)What happened: Bacall rejected a low-ball offer but later regretted her decision. Also rejected: What would be Doris Day's breakthrough role, in "Romance on the High Seas." Warner Bros. Turned down: "American Gigolo" (1980)What happened: Christie was set to co-star with Richard Gere but dropped out when he was replaced by John Travolta.

By the time Gere returned to the project, Lauren Hutton had been hired to replace Christie.

Also rejected: The roles of Anne Boleyn in "Anne of a Thousand Days," Daisy in "The Great Gatsby" and the femme fatale who betrays Paul Newman in "The Verdict."Turned down: "The African Queen" (1951)What happened: "If you can't shoot the picture in a boat on the back lot, then I'm not interested," Davis told Jack Warner.

Also rejected: The part of Mary Magdalene in "The Greatest Story Ever Told." (It wasn't.)Turned down: "Casablanca" (1942)What happened: Warner Bros.' first choice for one of the greatest romantic roles ever, Hayworth was held back by her contract with Columbia Pictures. Also rejected: "The Barefoot Contessa," which became Ava Gardner's signature role.

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Turned down: "Breakfast at Tiffany's" (1961)What happened: Last year, Mac Laine said passing on the opportunity to play Holly Golightly, which would have come right after her Oscar–nominated performance in "The Apartment," remains one of her biggest regrets.A year later, the two shared the screen in "Death Becomes Her."Also rejected: The lead in "Fatal Attraction."Turned down: "Marnie" (1962)What happened: A year after the release of her last Alfred Hitchcock movie, 1955's "To Catch a Thief," she had become Princess of Monaco, and her subjects freaked when word got out that their princess might play a kleptomaniac.She then bowed out and Hitchcock turned to another cool blonde, Tippi Hedren.Turned down: "Bullitt" (1968)What happened: Jacqueline Bisset got the part of Steve Mc Queen's girlfriend.But Ross, in big demand after "The Graduate," soon returned in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." "I'm not a movie star," she said at the time.1 box office hit and, up to that point, the most expensive movie ever made.


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