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She opened her eyes and inhaled rather sharply before straightening up and staring down at the text book before her. They were all spoiled brats, thinking money could get them anything.

This period was supposed to be self study, but for some reason in this school it meant ' and this school happened to be the most prestigious high school in Japan Eitoku Gakuen. They walked along the halls of the school like heirs to a throne.

"Ne Okamoto-kun help me" she said turning to Keito who put his hands up in defense."Hey..forte is English.""But you can speak both Japanese and English very well so doesn't that give you like a super tongue? "You're over thinking this, come on, give me the book," he added when she held onto it but failed and surrendered."Geez," Mirai said and pouted."Now go and eat your bentou or you'll have an empty stomach by the time the bell rings," Keito ordered."Hai, hai. " Mirai retorted but smiled, knowing that her friends cared about her.

She remembered how terrified she had been on her first day of school, surrounded by kids who walked around with diamonds on their hair bands and gold on the rim of their glasses. " Umika exclaimed and they all looked towards the far end of the room where the four strolled in and the crowd looked at them with admiration."I can't believe they're allowed not to wear uniforms.

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Nothing made sense in French, but of course leave it to her to go to the school where French is a mandatory course.Ten years since she still hasn't woken up, Tsukasa has turned into a total monster, having spent the last ten years in a terrible mood with his son who has come to resent both his father and his mother.As Domyoji Ryosuke, now the leader of F4, begins to terrorize the scholarshipped students in Eitoku Gakuen, he's meet with one Scholar who isn't giving up without a fight, will Ryosuke's fate mirror his parents? She immediately looked away to avoid it.“You need to cut loose, my friends,” Ryu continued in a meaningful tone. You gotta step inside the beat with the rhythm.”Mirai knew that Ryu was up to something. ”Mirai caught Takaki’s eye again who had been staring at her ever since they got into the school hall." Daiki more like stated, Ryosuke narrowed his eyes."So..." Yuri smirked."So technically you let them in" Ryosuke sat up straight."Wait no, my Father owns the school, and this stupid scholarship thing was the Old Lady's idea" He said reffering to his mother.


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